Financial Aid


The Truckee-North Tahoe Lacrosse Club (TNT) offers a limited amount of Financial Aid to our members, and perspective members, based on a demonstrated need.

TNT Financial Aid Committee reviews and approves all applications submitted by our members/families. All application information is kept 100% confidential.

A separate application is required for each season, activity and member. We encourage applicants to make a copy of
your completed application and supporting documentation for your records and to assist you in submitting future
applications. Financial Aid will only be provided to offset fees otherwise paid to TNT.

If your application is not approved, please consider an Installment Payment Plan. An Installment Payment Plan can be arranged by emailing Please include Payment Plan in the subject line.

Applications are due one week prior to the close of registration. Applicant must email PDF copies of the application and all required documents to Please include Financial Aid Application in the subject line. Notification of the status of your application will be made by the close of registration.

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