Code of Conduct

Coach, Player & Parent Expectations

All members of our community are expected to…
  • Commit to an overarching culture of positivity, respectfulness, and camaraderie. Don’t think US and THEM. Think WE.
  • Make a conscious choice to not vilify those who make mistakes. Calls will be missed; plays will be botched; rules will be broken…and life and lacrosse will go on.
  • Treat and address everyone you encounter with civility and respect: on the sidelines, in the stands, and through social media
  • Not judge others by rumors or what you’ve heard. Assume the best intentions, not the worst motivations.
  • Not be confrontational. If things get tense, work to de-escalate through respectful communication, then move on.
  • Hold no grudges. When a game ends, so should the battle.
  • Report issues that concern you. And if you can, work with others to help resolve them.
  • Appreciate and support those who play the game, and those who make playing it possible.
  • Be your best during the time spent with this game we all love, and look for the best in those around you. It is something to celebrate.
  • If you feel a sense of “outrage,” take a few minutes to walk away and consider the source of your frustration. Take stock of the situation, the event, the individuals involved, and their intent. Once calm and settled, report the issue if you still think it is appropriate.
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